Bootcamp III in Kosovo


In addition to the many activities held within the Your Job project, Bootcamp III should be highlighted. 

In the third call for grants, a large number of young people applied for a grant, based on the project criteria, the business ideas of the candidates, and the motivation of applicants shown during the counseling meeting. For the next phase, fifteen (15) ideas of young people were selected - from these participants were eight (8) females (one from the Egyptian community) and seven (7) males. The training was held for a week in Radavc of Peja, with the trainers Dr. Shkelzen Marku, and PhD candidate Doruntinë Demiri, they have trained these youngsters for a week on how to implement their business ideas and increase competition in the labor market through innovative elements incorporated into their ideas. During the training, the participants were very curious with questions and were highly dedicated to the topics that were in focus.


The social aspect of the participants should be emphasized, during Bootcamp, we saw good communication between the youngsters and a team spirit - something for which the project team and Caritas Kosovo are proud. 


On the last day of Bootcamp, we held a certification ceremony attended by representatives from the Austrian Development Agency, representatives of municipal institutions such as the Head of the office of the Austrian Development Agency in Kosovo, as the main donor of the Your Job project. Also the Regional Coordinator of the project Your Job, the Director of the Directorate for Economic Development, the Director of the Directorate of Education, the Director of the Directorate for Economic Development, the Director of the Directorate for Culture, Youth and Sports, the Executive Director of Caritas Kosova, and other representatives from Caritas Kosova.


The participants on the day of certification also had the opportunity to present their ideas in front of the representatives. In the end, all the participants expressed their acknowledgment for Your Job project, the trainers, and also expressed with conviction that they have managed to clarify their ideas and gain the necessary knowledge for entrepreneurship.


"Apart from gaining a lot of knowledge about my business idea, I am happy that I made good friends at Bootcamp, with whom I will keep in touch and meet again" – participant Xufe Hoti


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