Internships fuse knowledge with practice and helps your personal growth.


Your job staff is more like a pathfinder which  provides all of the components, building a portfolio, educational programs connecting to each aspect of the path finding process!

Another successful story is our candidate Arlinda Bekteshi from the doblede valley.

The candidate started her internship at “Euro Gjigant”  Vitia, as sales clerk service costumer.

During her individual sessions she expressed her interest of being trained in the field of sales ,  and that’s where it all started !

Right after Arlinda visited YOUR-JOB  office  we set up a consolation, after she filled the questionnaire soft skills test the counsellor took a short interview to approach her talent development working on her portfolio, teaching her how to build a Cv –resume recommendation letter. Since most of the organizations and jobs require qualified candidates sometimes is  not only about an university degree , most of the companies seek employees to have some sort of professional experience, considering that we held a personality test (RIASEC) test with tha candidate, recognizing her talent  passion, goals, and all these achievements are discovered and nurtured through exploration, experience, and guidance from your-job counsellor. She was surprised and overwhelmed after couple of counseling’s  the candidate gained self-esteem and started to discover her talent day by day. 

Your-Job  gave her the opportunity to explore and  signed MoU in four month paid  internship at the company ‘’Euro Gjigandi’’ –Vitia .
Arlinda felt more prepared for the labour market the lack of orientation was not a challenge anymore, her internship performance was getting better and better each month.

After her successful four month practice as a sale at ‘’Euro- Gjigandi’’ she got hired at the company with under a regular contract !
 When youth find their path and receive the proper challenge and support, they are on their way to becoming bold, creative achievers and contributors for the future.

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