Caritas Kosova continues to support young people for sustainable employment. Despite the circumstances created by the Covid-19 pandemic, Caritas Kosova through the project Your Job is working and supporting young people towards professional training and sustainable employment. Cooperation with businesses in this pandemic time has enabled young people to find job opportunities.

Leonita and Robert , two young people from the municipality of Prizren are the beneficiaries of the internship for three months at the business “L-Hotel” in Prizren.
They have been trained in the field of gastronomy for three months, from June to August and thanks to the excellent performance, they have managed to continue the work at this business.

They say that they are very grateful to the Your Job project for the opportunity given and considering their story, they recommend the young people of Kosovo to become part of the project and to benefit from the opportunities of this amazing project. And they finish with the quote:
“Don’t just read those success stories, create one of your own”.

Donika Markaj

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