Your Job has been impactful in the lives of the young people in Vitia and Kllokot



Giving chances in professional field by offering internships  not only during their involvement in the program but also for their future career paths

Caritas Kosova  through the project  Your Job aims to change the situation of young people in

The country.

Valmiri and Blerina are just one of the many candidates’ which gained from the project .
Both of the candidates’ were  able to develop practical work  four months period, but… guess what ?
the success of  Valmiri and Blerina continued  ,  they won the job and got hired at the company with a sustainable contract !

Blerina got hired at the section of water production as biology chemistry laboratory. 
Meanwhile Valmiri got hired at the office of finance.
Based on their professional orientation and their job performance they will continue to work.
 Your job programme helped both of the candidate to get engaged into regular employment.

Special thanks for the collaboration with the water company ``Ana`` for giving us the opportunity to help the youth, also many wishes and good luck on their career success for the both candidates’.

 Your Job is putting your education to work, visit our office and be part of the life changing opportunity.

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