Assistance in Situation of Natural Disasters and Conflicts

Natural disasters and conflicts throughout human history have caused many tragedies, while the latest victims are people, respectively families and family members. Not only have their dignity been trampled on, but they are left homeless, without family members, without material goods, while their suffering is so great that it is almost impossible to perceive it by an ordinary man who has not passed through that experience. Caritas Kosova shares the grief of the suffering people who have had the bitter experience of going through the wars but also the various disasters in the country, and knows that there is nothing more sacred when you stand by them and help them suffering to surviving the moments when it is most needed, especially immediately after the natural disaster or after the conflict or war. For this purpose, Caritas Kosova engages and acts on the basis of international standards and protocols and coordinates with other agencies, in the preparation of emergency food and health packages, etc. always taking into account other actions related to the rehabilitation process of victims to offer them the treatment they deserve.

Caritas Kosova pays special attention to the preparation of staff and volunteers for interventions in situations after emergencies and continuously revises protocols and raises its capacity in order to react in such situations properly.



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