Values and Principles

"If we do not have peace, then it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other."

Mother Teresa


This saying of St. Mother Teresa reminds us that man as a social being must preserve virtues and adhere to certain principles in order to realize himself and be near others in the most difficult moments. The permanent principles of the social doctrine of the Church constitute the true foundations of Catholic Social Teaching: it is the principle of the dignity of the human person, in which every other principle and content of social doctrine finds its foundation, of the common good, of subsidiarity and solidarity. These principles, the expression of the full truth about man known by reason and religion, stem from the meeting of the gospel message and its requirements, which are summarized in the highest commandment of love of God and of neighbour and in justice, with the problems arising from the life of society.

For Caritas Kosova, in fact, the principles remind us that the society that has existed historically stems from the intertwining of the freedoms of all persons who interact in it, contributing through their choices, to building or impoverishing it. Caritas Kosova, led by them, is inspired by these values and principles:

1. According to the Gospel teaching, Caritas Kosova shares Divine Love with the poorest and people in need, working together to promote solidarity, peace and Christian love.

2. The epicentre of Caritas Kosova's mission is the human being without religious, ethnic, social and racial discrimination; acting in full compliance with our Statute, applicable laws in the Republic of Kosovo and in accordance with the instructions of the Church.

3. In Caritas Kosova's mission, everyone is inspired by the values of equality, solidarity, brotherhood, partnership, cooperation, development, justice and professionalism.

4. As the "Social Hand" of the Catholic Church in Kosovo Caritas Kosova promotes movements, initiatives, developing programs and projects in favour of our community, based on the values of peace, coexistence and care for people in need.

5. Caritas Kosova will take care of the continuous spiritual and professional training of the staff and volunteers who are dedicated, and is a professional service to the people for whom it cares in accordance with the principles of Deus Caritas Est.

6. The presentation of Caritas Kosova staff according to the norms of Christian ethics and morality is a good example for community education and increases the values of the Institution of the Catholic Church. The aim is always to spread and develop universal values by acting as a good example of Christian and moral ethics for all categories of society.

7. Caritas Kosova continues to be a powerful driver in the future for the development of democratic values of society and for its integration and social welfare.


Caritas Kosova cultivates and promotes: Love, Solidarity and Peace