Creating Preconditions for Increasing Employability and Self-Employment

The quality of life of the people of Kosovo is affected by several factors, including lack of access to employment and sustainable living, poor service delivery at the local level, and vulnerability. The result of these elements is that a significant number of people live in a situation of social exclusion, which prevents them from participating as active citizens in the economic and social development of their communities.

Caritas Kosova believes that social entrepreneurship, as a tool and instrument of social and economic policies, increases economic independence, well-being, and provides access and participation in sustainable employment precisely for marginalized and needy groups.

Empowering young people and women through training, practical work, developing soft skills, grants, etc. is considered by Caritas Kosova as a necessary process get closer the unemployed with the labour market. Not everyone has had the opportunity to improve their skills to enter the job market. As a result, we have marginalized groups, especially young people, who make up a large part of the population. One of the reasons for the creation of marginalized groups is that they do not have sufficient skills that can put them in the function of increasing their well-being or improving their social position in society. This is because the environment in which they live has not provided development opportunities. The increase of soft skills, entrepreneurial and professional skills is seen by Caritas Kosova as a very good opportunity to extend a hand to exactly those groups of people who are found in the margins of life.

Poverty and unfavourable position in society have also affected agriculture, where the rural part is more pronounced. Not all farmers have enough knowledge and skills to capitalize and exploit the land they own. Some of the people who belong to marginalized groups are also farmers who have also been found in the margins of life due to lack of support. Caritas Kosova is focused on strengthening this sector through training, networking, sharing experiences and subsidies.



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