Your Job

Your Job is a response to the high level of unemployment in Kosovo as well as the catalyst for the youth who make up the highest percentage of the population in the country. This project aims to get out of the vicious circle of lack of education and support, unemployment, poverty, and social exclusion that affects many young people in Kosovo. Therefore, the Your Job project will offer its beneficiaries, from the age of 15-30, a holistic and tailored support, giving them all the opportunities and conditions for sustainable employment.

Your Job is being implemented in 4 Balkan countries. (Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia). In Kosovo, Your Job is being implemented in the municipalities of Prizren, Gjakova, Viti, South Mitrovica, North Mitrovica and Kllokot.

Through soft skills training, professional training, internships and grants, we are trying to prepare hundreds of young people for the job market and for self-employment.

Supporting young people consists of providing opportunities for advancement through training in what is known as soft skills, as a necessary investment for every young person aiming for employment, advanced and certified training in various fields and sectors, opportunities to practical work carried out in coordination between Caritas Kosova, private companies or businesses and young people. Young people who have business ideas for the development of social enterprises are supported to develop and incubate their ideas and then receive grants.



Project is supported by: Austrian Development Agency (ADA), Caritas Austria, Secours Catholique - Caritas France, RENOVABIS

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