Vision and Mission


Caritas Kosova implements the mission of the Catholic Church to serve the poor and promote charity and justice, based on the Holy Scriptures and Catholic Social Teachings.

Caritas Kosova contributes to our country having a just society where people live in peace, solidarity and dignity, and helps them build the future towards sustainable development.



Caritas Kosova as an institution of charity[1] of the Catholic Church promotes justice, universal values and peace building, improves the quality of life of citizens, social inclusion, gives hope to the vulnerable and takes care of those in need by empowering them to realize their fundamental rights in all areas of human development.

[1] Pope Benedict XVI (2005) Encyclical: “Deus Caritas Est” (Chapter 24): "The charitable organizations of the Church, on the other hand, constitute an opus proprium, a task that she has in her blood, in which she does not cooperate sideways, but acts as a directly responsible subject, doing what corresponds to her nature. The Church can never be discharged from the exercise of charity as an organized activity of the believers, and, on the other hand, there will never be a situation in which the love of every Christian would not be needed, because the human beign, beyond justice, has and will always has a need for love... the charitable action may and must embrace all people and all needs."

Caritas Kosova cultivates and promotes: Love, Solidarity and Peace