Improving the Social Position of People in Need and Developing a Community for Inclusion and Social Cohesion

It is very important to cultivate a new spirit of peace among the people in Kosovo. Building trust between people is a permanent goal of Caritas Kosova, especially in societies where social differences are as pronounced as in our country. The greater involvement of marginalized people in social, public, economic, etc. activities affects the creation of a lasting peace in people's mindsets, especially when it is cultivated at an early age and in young people. Peace is achieved even when actions are taken that lead to the elimination of prejudices, stereotypes and discrimination between people who have social, economic, ethnic, religious differences, etc. The marginalization of people, as the challenger of peace, is largely due to the lack of complete information that leads to a rigid mentality. Since the younger generations are expected to build a healthy society where everyone is in solidarity with each other, Caritas Kosova focuses its efforts mainly on this age group.

As Kosovar society is challenged by various socio-economic issues, as well as various forms of violence, segregation and exclusion which are experienced by vulnerable groups, Caritas Kosova tends to respond with appropriate measures in order to alleviate and improve this situation. Almost all social strata are challenged by the presence of one of the forms of violence, which makes it difficult for people not only to find peace, but also to transfer on the pattern of behaviour to future generations. Caritas Kosova is committed to taking action that breaks the chain of violence, the victims of which can live in dignity and peace.

To motivate society and cultivate volunteerism as a noble social aspect Caritas promotes volunteer work as a spirit that should characterize a human being in aid of a cause that enhances well-being or achieves peace. Volunteerism not only manages to make people solidary, but also enriches society and makes people together, a goal that Caritas Kosova also aims, as united to achieve the best possible changes in society.

The environment in which we live is not favourable or friendly with all individuals. Various circumstances, especially unfavourable social and economic ones, have caused a large number of people to challenge themselves and lose the "path" to being a complete human being. Due to the mentioned circumstances, Caritas Kosova cannot leave aside this suffering and despised category at the mercy of anyone, therefore it implements actions to provide psycho-social rehabilitation, based on the community, as an effort to approach the rehabilitation of persons challenged and in need, thus avoiding their social and psychological isolation. Through the psycho-social service Caritas Kosova helps the challenged to get out of social isolation and to face the environment that surrounds them, which to a large extent is of a multiple character (economic, social, cultural, health, etc.). The experience of community-based services has shown that these services are effective as they are oriented not only towards the challenged person but also towards family members and the community.


Soup Kitchen

Caritas Kosova, based on its mission and the preferential option for the poor, through the soup kitchen, offers daily food for the poor.   Prishtina, as an urban centre with a large population, therefore, has many people who face economic and social difficulties. Especially the elderly and... Read more


Accessible Communication Towards Inclusion of Vulnerable and Excluded persons in Western Balkans ACTIVE - Accessible Communication Towards Inclusion of Vulnerable and Excluded persons in Western Balkan is a project implemented by Caritas Kosova. Understanding the meaning of Accessible... Read more


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Peace and Diversity

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Charity and Solidarity

Caritas Kosova sees itself not only as a charitable actor who only undertakes a humanitarian act, but also undertakes actions that cultivate the habit that all people, on an individual level, be charitable, feel and share happiness, and thus peace. Charity on an individual level is more than... Read more

Prevention of structured violence

This component of Caritas Kosova's work aims to support victims whose dignity has been violated. Structured violence involves a wide range of human rights violations. Starting with domestic violence, that between peers, and even what may come from the authorities, including physical and mental... Read more

Prison Justice

Prisoners do not enjoy complete freedom as long as they live in a very limited physical environment. However, it is not only the physical aspect of restricted freedom that is in question. The constant struggle with the conscience, especially among women and young girls and boys, is always present,... Read more


The promotion of volunteerism has been one of the main activities of Caritas Kosova, as we strongly believe that commitment and sharing of time, without compensation, for the benefit of people and auxiliary causes, should be cultivated as a spirit that should characterize a human being in aid of a... Read more

Support to People with Disabilities, SOCIETIES

(Support of CSO in Empowering Technical Skills, Inclusion of People with Disabilities and EU Standards in South East Europe) This project, which supports people with mental disabilities, is funded by the European Union, and has been implemented since 2016 and is now in its second 4-year... Read more

Caritas Kosova cultivates and promotes: Love, Solidarity and Peace