Prison Justice

Prisoners do not enjoy complete freedom as long as they live in a very limited physical environment. However, it is not only the physical aspect of restricted freedom that is in question. The constant struggle with the conscience, especially among women and young girls and boys, is always present, which not only prevents the attainment of spiritual peace, but also in the absence of support closes in on themselves, diminishes their potential, and threatens to remain human that cannot contribute to society. This is exactly the role of Caritas Kosova, which since 2013 has been actively involved in various activities in the Correctional Centres in Lipjan. Particular attention has been paid to activities that affect the self-determination of prisoners, as well as opportunities for their reintegration as they are considered one of the most vulnerable categories of Kosovar society and are very little addressed. This project aims to prepare juveniles in the Centre for Educational and Correctional Measures in Lipjan and women in the Correctional Centre also in Lipjan. Through psycho-social activities, art and theatre therapy, sports, professional training, courses, practical work, etc. prisoners are prepared for the life that awaits them after release. Caritas Kosova advocates for prisoners and continuously organizes activities to promote the importance of proper treatment of this category. In addition to the national level, Caritas Kosova is also engaged in the European Caritas network in drafting advocacy policies for 'prison justice'.

Project is supported by: Secours Catholique - Caritas France, Young In Prison

Caritas Kosova cultivates and promotes: Love, Solidarity and Peace