ELBA (Emergency Labour in Balkans) is a regional project which is entirely dedicated to the promotion and development of social entrepreneurship and has been implemented by Caritas Kosova since 2015. Social Economy is promoted as an innovative approach and effective mechanism for poverty reduction and support social inclusion and employment. ELBA is an initiative designed to respond to the economic crisis in Southeast Europe and parts of this project are: Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Serbia and North Macedonia. Social Economy is a way to engage and empower society, the public and private sectors, various organizations, territories and communities, to develop a new economic model that includes people in need as an active source of society.

Project is supported by: Caritas Italiana, Secours Catholique - Caritas France, Catholic Relief Services, Caritas Spain, European Union - Erasmus +

Caritas Kosova cultivates and promotes: Love, Solidarity and Peace