Development of Agriculture, SELO

SELO (Strengthening the Rural Economy and Local Business Opportunities in the north of Kosovo) is a project of Caritas Kosova which supports economic development in northern Kosovo since 2010. Our overall commitment in that part of the country is to facilitate vulnerable rural communities to use their natural resources, through sustainable development strategies, and to contribute to the reconciliation process.

Since 2012, a strong expertise and network has been developed to professionalize agriculture and agribusiness as a means of reviving rural economies and generating additional sources of income. The SELO program deals with rural development with a special focus on food security and rural tourism, with very good knowledge about the needs of stakeholders in the target areas, as well as thanks to a wide network in Kosovo.

Caritas Kosova has in-depth knowledge of the context of small and medium enterprises of the agricultural sector in northern Kosovo, previous long-term partnerships and trust from local authorities which represent an added value for project implementation. Caritas Kosova, through the SELO program, works directly to prevent the social isolation of marginalized rural groups: the unemployed, women and youth, the revitalization and development of rural areas in northern Kosovo, the fight against rural exodus and the improvement of trust between the Albanian and Serbian communities in that part. Providing support to farmers, whether through counselling, training or even providing small grants, micro loans, support for agro-tourism projects, especially for women in rural areas, is an important step towards their independence and to increase their quality of life.


Project is supported by: Caritas International Belgium, British Embassy

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