Culinary training for people with disabilities


In the current situation of the global health crisis due to COVID-19, the most in danger are the most vulnerable- people with disabilities, who during this time have stopped all activities they had, were isolated in their homes, have felt even more excluded from society and have faced mental crises such as fear, anxiety, depression, etc., most of them have also had difficulties accessing healthcare, and supplies due to loss of income, and lack of financial support. Also, pre-existing medical conditions have been considered high-risk factors for COVID-19, this had a huge impact on their mental health.


Despite all difficulties, Your Job has continued to support those with the lowest voices in society. We feel satisfied that we have recently started with the culinary training, where the beneficiaries are seven (7) young people from the municipality of Viti, all with disabilities.

The training aims at their social and psychological aspect, but it would be ideal to have positive feedback on their culinary skills. The training will last two months and activities will be held twice a week. The training will include the theoretical and practical part of the culinary and is held by two professional chefs, a kitchen assistant, and an assistant who will coordinate and contact the beneficiaries during the training. All beneficiaries and their families have expressed their gratitude to Your Job for this opportunity, and wish that from this training they will have the chance to be employed in the gastronomy sector.


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