Yourjob is supporting and offering good practices


Despite the current challenges posed by Coronavirus, Yourjob is supporting and offering good practices in dealing with young people who are NEET's

Especially those category who were unable to attend education or have been econimically inactive for a lifetime , young people are heterogeneous group and not all of them are likely to be stuck in this NEET situation for a long time because Yourjob is providing opportunities to define key characteristics of indicators to identify those at risk of becoming NEET .

Adnan Deliu from Kllokot is the next beneficiary, who with the support of Caritas Kosova through the project Your Job has solved the employment problem. Adnan has started practical work at the Ana water production company. Like all other candidates so far, Adnan will have the opportunity to continue his regular employment, if he shows will and commitment. #caritaskosova #yourjob #yourjobkosova

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